Investment Strategy
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Concord Venture Capital Group

The Concord Team adheres to a disciplined strategy of partnering with entrepreneurs and investing in companies where we can best leverage our expertise and industry relationships. Our team of experienced investment professionals and network of business leaders help companies create value by providing guidance in the areas of strategy development, market and product definition, customer introductions, technology transfer and exit opportunities.

Our commitment to entrepreneurs begins with financing and continues throughout the development and growth of our portfolio companies. Our investment professionals serve as board members and provide management with continuous access to the firm's global knowledge, contacts and resources. We strive to work closely with our portfolio companies and play an active role in their continued growth and success.

Our approach:

  1. Invest along with Taiwan industry growth
  2. Invest along with market trends
  3. Invest in diversified platforms
  4. Invest in many different segments of a single industry in order to create value-added benefits
  5. Leverage substantial network of investees in the tech industry
  6. Allow exposure to an increased number of deal sources through the value-added supply chain
  7. Consolidate production capacity and managerial talent