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Concord Venture Capital Group
Investing Along with Market Trends
Concord’s investment strategy follows market trends.  The sectors in which we invest evolve according to changes in the market
The amount we invest varies in accordance with the business cycle fluctuations
We are increasingly focused on solidifying the marketing end of current portfolio companies through further studies of branded companies with strong distribution channels. Regarding the technology sector, we will continue to work towards identifying unique production sciences as well as new applications
Investing Along with Market Trends
1996 Notebook Computer, PCB, DRAM  
1997 Motherboard, Foundry
1998 TFT-LCD, Foundry, Notebook Computer
1999 Magnesium Alloy, Handset Assembly, Backlight Module
2000 Color Filter, IC Design, Storage
2001 Fiberoptics
2002 Magnesium Alloy, Handset Assembly, IC Design
2003 DRAM, IC Design, DSC case
2004 Quartz Crystal Products, Car Cooling Systems, IC Design
2005 Consumer Electronics
2006 Automobile parts
2007 Solar / Green Energy
2008 Solar / Green Energy
2009 Touch Panel/ TFT Component
2010 Touch Panel/ TFT Component
2011 Soda ash & Ammonium Chloride
2012 Generics / New Drug  / API
2013 API